Pixie Pals

a Cattery for the Devon Rex

Devon Rex Male (Now Retired.  Sire to our Queen Pixie Pals Solar System)

 Koro's His Crazy Horse of Pixie Pals


aka Pony, Pony Pants, Pants, Mr. Jingles, Jings etc. 

(Okay, too many to name)

Lavender Tabby and White Devon Rex Male

What a guy!!!!  I love this boy.  He is so sweet and loves to cuddle.  He is my heart cat.   Pants is now retired.  We currently do not have a whole male at Pixie Pals.


Breeder:  Judith Roberts

Sire:  Koro's Gummi Bear of Lil Gremlins

Dam:  GC Koro's Ghirardelli Mocha Milano

Lavender Tabby/White Male

Born July 14, 2007

Weight:  8.1 pounds

"A" Blood type

Carries: 1 Black Marker, 2 Chocolate Markers and 2 Dilute Markers

Has had genetic testing through CatGenes and is negative at all disease markers.  Does not carry the "B" blood type.


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